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I am a relatively new shooter, I started with glocks and played around making my own modifications which wasn't any problem.

Now that I am a CZ owner, I would like to make some changes but before I do I would like to get a DVD or Manuel that will help me just in case, when I do take the gun apart and have parts left over.

I know you guys have the answers.

thanks good shooting....

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No a video, but this page shows how to detail strip >85% of a CZ pistol:


This is a very good step by step on getting into a safety model CZ.

All the manual safety model guns are similar so this will take you a long way.

the decocker guns are slightly different and have a slightly higher pain in the ass quotient.

if you search youtube there are several disassembly videos for different CZs and they can be helpful too.

main thing to remember is that there are several small parts, pins and springs inside the CZ. so be careful, go slow, have a clean workspace.

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Ohh and for the love of all things holy, if you take out the trigger pin, hold your hand over the top of the gun or take the gun apart in a big plastic bag. The trigger return spring WILL go flying. It's a little known fact that those things are cement, and carpet soluble. You might also want of buy one of the magnetic ashtray type things that Sears/craftsmen (and probably many other tool vendors) sells. The little pins and springs like to roll away back to the motherland if you aren't careful. Ask me how I know.

If you decide to detail strip your CZ I'd suggest picking up some spare parts just in case (less than $35 total):

http://czcustom.com/cz75trsnew.aspx (Semi-Common failure and easy to lose during disassemble)


http://czcustom.com/cztriggerpinnew.aspx (This sometimes gets buggered up during removal/install. Don't be alarmed, it has a interference fit step that can get require some force to install/remove. I don't peen this part on my guns since the fit is so tight I can't ever see it coming loose. Your mileage may vary.)

http://czcustom.com/czsearspring.aspx (I've never lost/replaced this one but it's small and cheap).


http://czcustom.com/hammerpinretianingpeg.aspx (slightly shorter than the #9 hammer pin)

http://czcustom.com/czsafetylhrhdetentspring.aspx (tiny spring, easy to lose or bend)

http://czcustom.com/52a-cz-factory_extractor_springs.aspx (CZ Extractors need to be cleaned aprox. every 5000 rounds, change this spring at the same time).

I've disassembled/reassembled my CZ's many times without ever needing to replace a part however having the little do-dads listed above on hand is cheap insurance against Murphy's law.

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