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Dillon Trimmer: Trim 260 brass with 308 Die?

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AFAIK Dillon does not make a 260 Rem trim die.

Has anybody tried trimming 260 brass with a 308 die on the Dillon trimmer?

I was thinking of using a 260 FL die with a neck bushing on the first station to size the case and set-back the shoulder to SAAMI and then trim on #5 (I have a 650). The 308 trim die would be set high to just trim. The trim die won't be used to set back the shoulder.

Would this work?

The rounds will be for a LR308 chambered in .260 Remington.

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Where does the trimmer idex from for its length? If it indexes off the shoulder I would look at specs of the two cases and see if the length from the shoulder to the case mouth were the same. If it indexes from the case base and the stroke is always the same when bottomed out then I would think that you'd be just fine to get your trim length and go.

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I tried it, once, and didn't like the results.

Not because the Dillon didn't do an "okay" job - it was still a decent square cut, albeit with a little bit of "chattering" and more burrs than normal.

The main reason I ditched it was because, at the end of the day, the amount of .260-Rem I shoot is small enough, and I care enough about it, that it made more sense to spend the time doing a "great" job of trimming and chamfering it. If Dillon came out with a trim-die for the .260, I'd love that, but I'd still chamfer separately.

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