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Empty STI 2011 Mags Sticking


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I'm looking for some advice :)

I just upgraded factory STI 38 Super mags with Grams Spring/Follower kits and Dawson +1 basepads.

Following the article by Bob on Brazos website "Slide Lock Back or Not?" I have aquired a modified slide stop and modified the ledge on the follower at a 45 degree angle (similar to the picture). (I modified one follower and didn't modify another...perhaps I didn't file it enough as I have seen inconclusive differences between the two)

The mags seem to be functioning flawlessly (with and without filed follower) except when trying to drop an empty mag. Roughly 50% of the time the mag will have to be slightly tugged. Note: This has never happened with factory mags with factory guts.

I believe the follower is catching on the slide stop...

Is this normal? How far do you file down your followers to prevent this? Or is there a different solution?

I suppose...technically speaking I'm probably already in trouble on a stage if I'm dropping an empty mag but it's still disconcerting to know it might not drop free.

Thanks in advance!

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If you've modified the Slide Stop and removed the ledge from the Mag Follower there is no longer any spring pressure from the Mag Follower pushing up against the Slide Stop, so any friction at all will stop the magazine from falling out. With even a single round in the magazine the Mag Follower will be holding the round against the bottom of the slide under spring pressure.

Also check if the botton side of the Mag Release is dragging against the magazine, ie. does the magazine drop free after pressing the Mag Release if you very slightly release pressure on the Mag Release.

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Couple of things to check. Some mag releases will pin the mag on release. Check to make sure that this is not happening. Depress mag catch and move mag in and out by hand. Do you feel any drag? If so can you let up a little on the release and have it free up. Dawson and others make higher quality mag releases that should cure this problem or you can carefully file off the extra.

Some mags have bulges and or are out of square. Does it happen with all of your mags or only some? If only some check front to back dimensions. I just fixed 1 of mine that had a bulge on the front. It was only about .015 but enough to make the mag hang.

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