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RF100 primer filler problems

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Got a free RF100 from a friend and was so happy to not have to pick up primers any more with pickup tubes. I hate that process :sick: . Well I have become addicted to this machine for what it could be. Have had some troubles with the primers getting flipped. Figured since I got it for free, I would send it back to Dillon for a tune. Got it back and it still flips between 2-5 per hundred. Is this normal and just something I will have to live with? This problem leads me to something I think I hate even more than primer pickup tubes and that is taking apart bullets :( . I know sorry for the rant, just wondering what others have experienced with their RF100's. Thanks in advance.

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If you have one with the rheostat on it I found during it down to where it takes almost the full cycle to get all the primers into the loading tube is the hot setup. Having it turned up too high seems to let the upside down ones jump the gap in the ramp that normally kicks them out of line. Having done that I have had maybe 3 or so flips in 15K plus primers. This is with WSP and Federal primers.

If you don't have one with the rheostat pick on up for it and turn the juice down.

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They can be a little twitchy with small primers. They tend to flip when dropping in the tube.

Make sure the blue plastic insert is not tight. It needs to wobble around a touch.

If it has a rheostat, turn it down so there isnt as much vibration. There is a real fine line with them.

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HotLoad, reading your post was almost like I wrote it. I've got the same problem.

Trouble is, the instructions say turn it on and go back to loading...NO WAY. I've got to

watch the primers going in like a hawk or have one or two (or none) flip over.

Worse, it slows loading since I'll have to stop after every one or two tubes

to watch over another primer loading sequence....aargh!

I'm getting the best luck by tightening the bushing retaining screw more than the manual says;

not tight, just tighter than the .040" gap. I've also read somewhere that setting on a softer

surface rather than hard bench helps.

I don't have the rheostat set-up on mine; obviously there's a reason somebody went to that


I think I'll try to come up with a way to transfer RF100 primers to regular filler tubes and

be able to have a half dozen ready before a session.

My 'freebie' came with only the large primer tube assy with the 'B' plate. I called Dillon to

order the conversion kit for small primers but no mention was made that the kit did not contain

the 'A' plate. So....for another fee + freight charge and days' wait, I was able to start filling.


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I have been using Remington primers only. Its does seems that as the primers just go down the tube they get flipped. I will check the blue guide and see if that is loose. Just glad to know that is shouldn't be flipping 2-5 primers per 100. Thanks guys.


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