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Loose Chamber .38 super


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So a couple of things I noticed today after shooting my new to me open gun.

The brass was coming out marked. It had almost a rifling look to it and more buldge than I am used to seeing on brass.

Its a Schuemann AET chambered in .38 super.(I found the answer to my "rifled" brass. Guess its just part of the AET barrel)

After getting home and cleaning the gun, I took the barrel out and noticed the "grooves" in the chamber. Is this normal?

I also dropped a couple rounds in the chamber and there was enough room to wiggle the round in the chamber. How much room should there be?

Here are a couple pics of the chmber and brass. Sorry for the crappy pics.


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Too much is when the brass will not shrink back down and fit in the barrel.

with reasonable brass see if you can drop the fired brass back in the barrel.

That the first sign that the chamber is letting the brass stretch a bunch.

even on my older gun with a steel load the brass would drop rite in the barrel with out sizing

one thing I like about Super comp is that I can drop the brass in backwards to test the round for stretch

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