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Carry Ammo

Ted Murphy

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I hate that carry ammo seems to all come in 20 round boxes now. If you have say a Glock 19 with 2 spares you are looking at buying 3 of these #@$@ 20 round boxes instead of one 50 round box.

And if you like to keep a little more than that on hand, it gets even more expensive. And if you want to practice occasionally with your carry ammo, you better win the powerball first!

I managed to get several boxes of Speer 9mm 124 grain in the 50 round boxes but I do not think they are still sold to civilians that way anymore. I hope I am wrong.

I really do not need the latest greatest Zen-Death ammo, just something of decent quality I can buy enough of to practice occasionally with and have a supply on hand.


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I hate that too, so i don't buy the stuff marketed as carry ammo, I buy the stuff marketed towards LE that typically comes in 50 round boxes (federal hydrashock, winchester ranger, etc....)

I've been able to get 50 rd boxes of good hollowpoint ammo for under $20/50 from cheaperthandirt.com for both 9mm and 40.

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