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40 and 45 Production Up and Running

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I just wanted to post an update here. We appreciate all the response we've gotten and our business is growing. We've been loading a lot of LE contract ammunition and that has kept us busy. Our 40 S&W and 45 ACP production is up and running and we are currently loading all 40 and 45 with NEW brass. We also have 147gr 9mm available.

180gr 40 S&W

Averaging 172 Power Factor out of 3 different 5" guns. Two STI barrels and one Scheumann. Loaded to 1.130". A long load will be coming soon, but the short ammo has been running fine in all the STI guns we've tried.

230gr 45 ACP

185 Power Factor out of a Glock 21. I'm working on a lighter load for the competition crowd. Shows out of stock right now, but I'll get that fixed Monday. Also the pictures of our old ammunition with plated bullets. Current and future production is true jacketed bullets.

147gr 9mm

135 Power Factor out of a Glock 17.

I'll also be posting pictures of a new 5" limited gun that I just finished for a local competitor. Thanks for all the support.

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I do have it loaded long now. I've been doing it for local guys, but it isn't up on our site right now. If you're interested in some shoot me a PM and I'll get in touch with you. Thanks.

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