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Currently I have the 22" barrel for my SX2 and I think I hate it! Been a shot gunner all my life, birds and clays, and I can’t get use to the cantilever mount and big front sight. I realize in 3 gun you have to aim the shotgun but those sights are just too much for me. Have any of you switched from the 22" to the 24" barrel. Likes and dislikes? How or what are you doing for aiming with slugs.

I’m listening?

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I run a 24" and love it. It is lighter, uses the .742 over-bore and Invector Plus chokes, so it patterns well. Since it has a bead instead of the cantilever and sights, it's faster (or at least feels like it).

For slugs, I just figured out where the barrel shoots and run with it. I put a Hi-Vis fiber optic on it and slugs are pretty much dead on top of the large optic bead for me.

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