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Mr.Bulletfeeder on Dillon 650

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Some of you might remember my installation with the Hornady bullet feeder suspended way above the press, to get it out of the way. Well, the new Mr.Bulletfeeder came in, so it was time to do something like that to it too. Given how crowded my bench is, having the feeder sit as it is intended blocks my access to the shelves and bench behind the press.

The pictures should be self-explanatory. I made the platform and mounted the machine on it... it can be turned left or right for better access. Looking back, the platform did not have to be this large - I wanted to give the machine plenty of room to swing in either direction, which turned out to be excessive. So it is possible that once it is all dialed in, a new smaller platform will be made. It is also possible I will move it higher, more out of the way, by shortening the standoffs. That will make seeing what's in the hopper more difficult - however, how often do you have to do this? Adding bullets is no big deal, just throw in some.

With the machine sitting much higher than the standard position, the feeder tube needed an extension. A piece of acrylic tube of proper diameter does the job, with the spiral hose simply sliding over it, no bushing is even required.

Took little time to adjust all this, and it is working like a champ now! Thank you, Rick, for yet another great machine!




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There is no mystery there, Mr.B is better product, albeit at twice the price. At some point I decided to see what a less expensive product could do - I already owned one Mr.B at that time - so I bought the Hornady. It works, and according to some long term users can be made work consistently, and for the price it might be the best solution around... but it is not Mr.B.

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I have my order in for a MR Bulletfeeder for my Super 1050 just waiting for it now. I did buy the Hornady bullet dies for 22.00 to try. I will say that if you dont

have a bullet feeder it is much easier to just drop the bullets in the die buy hand. But still waiting on the MR Bulletfeeder

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I never measured the speed with the Mr.Bf, but going by the feel it is substantially faster - maybe 50%.

The biggest improvement, however, is not in speed, but in the effort reduction, with the feeder the process goes so much easier that you get tired much less.

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