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Super Heavy DP magwell


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Has anyone used both the DP Ice magwell and the super heavy? Other than weight, is there a difference?

I shot a STI yesterday and noticed how well balanced it was. Went back to my glock and really noticed how front heavy my glock is. Not trying to turn my glock into STI, just wondering if the heavier version helped balance the gun out.

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I'm running a heavy magwell and plug along with a tungsten guide rod on a 24 just to make it feel more like my Edge. Between these modifications, a set of Dawson sights, and a 1.9 pound trigger I couldn't get anything closer to an STI. I really like this Glock but my primary game gun will always be my STI.

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I have one G24 with the Dawson aluminum Ice magwell and another G24 with the heavy brass magwell. Unloaded, the one with the aluminum is a little nose heavy and you can actually feel the balance of the gun changing when getting low on ammo, probably should use the TF brass mag extensions with that gun. The one with the brass magwell balances wonderful in the hand unloaded and I don't notice the weight changing while shooting. I use Arredondo and Dawson pads with that gun and like the feel of it. I should just say screw it and ditch the aluminum magwell and get another brass one.


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