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JP LMOS carrier finishes - stainless or QPQ?


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When I ordered my CTR-02 a few months ago, the good folks at JP told me that the QPQ coated carrier added a little bit of built-in lubrication/protection to the LMOS carrier that the standard stainless did not provide. I went with the QPQ on mine.

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I have the QPQ coating on my JP bolt carrier and it looks like brand new and still very slick after over 5000 rounds. The bottom of the carrier that contacts the hammer is slightly lighter in color than the rest of the carrier but the coating is still intact. Cleans up very quickly and easily.


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If you have an option of a ss bolt carrier with a QPQ finish (melonite)....get it.

You'll still have a SS carrier....with a surface finish of about 70Rc. We've been doing that to our 22rf bolts for the NC22 since we've brought them out and we noticed that the added benefit (besides hardness) is the ease at which that they clean up. I'm sure that they will eventually wear out, probably once you've gone though and worn out a few uppers


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