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Bolen 4mm base pads.. What spring & follower to use?

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Want to buy the Bolen base pads 4mm and need to know if the bolen springs and followers r diffucult to set up 100% with the best round count.. Do I get Grams springs and followers less round count but less work and diffuclty to get 100%.. Please help with all advise... I would love to see 21 rounds and 20 reloadable..

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I use Grams base pads in Open and Dawson SNL in Limited with Gram's springs and followers in all mags. In Limited I am using untuned old style SV tubes and SNL base pads. They just fit the guage. The mags all hold 21 rounds with two being reloadable. In Open I use untuned old style 140mm SV tubes and 4 mm base pads and get 23 9mm rounds in two and 24 in the other 3. My 170 mm old style SV tube is tuned and holds 30 rounds with a 3mm base pad and just fits the guage. My other untuned SV 170 holds 29 rounds reloadable set up the same way. I also have 2 STI 170 untuned mag tubes that are set up with Grams springs and followers and Dawson Standard base pads that hold 28 reloadable using the Arrendondo(sp?)spacers. These are the best spacers to use because they have the side flap that keeps the rounds from rolloing off the follower when it gets below the side ribs on STI tubes. All mags have 13 coil springs with the Grams follower.

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