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Being impatient when shooting for accuracy


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Was going to post this in the What I Hate forum but, figured it would turn into a discussion more than a rant.

I like to shoot a lot but, I like to just blast stuff and practice shooting quickly and accurately and getting into that "Zen" moment when I just use the front sight. I hate when shooting say a bolt action or long shot I just want to throw the sights up and BANG. It is very hard for me to sit still, line up the shot, check my breathing, and slowly pull the trigger. By not being able to do shoot accurately it is very hard for me to also sight in irons, red dots and scopes. I recently got myself tested for ADD and it seems I have it VERY bad and have had it all my life (I'm 29). It affected me in school, at work, and in many hobbies. I usually get the sights "close enough" and call it a day.

I know me wanting to do 3 Gun will be a lot of fun but, I worry I won't be able to have the patience and mindset to sit down and tune my rifle in for farther out shots.

Anyone else have this problem and hate it as I do?

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I can't believe you typed a whole paragraph. roflol.gif

You seem fine.

Like most folks, you appear to want to skip to the outcome...and not enjoy the process.

The process is the challenge. If you ever want to truly test yourself...master the fundamentals.

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Being impatient assumes that you have a predetermined schedule of when things are suppose to happen. If you are worried about a schedule while shooting your attention is not focused on the task at hand for that given moment. When you accept that any given shot will take as long as it needs to be accurately executed then you can allow yourself to not worry about how long it takes. Once you relieve yourself of a predetermined schedule then everything happens a lot easier and usually turns out better. As Brian Enos once said, "If I just shoot as fast as I can call my shots, I will be fast enough".

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