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.223 load with H355 suggestions


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I picked up a bottle of H355 the other day to test and wanted to see if anyone had a good load with it using .223 62gr BT FMJ's

I have loaded up some test rounds at 23.5gr and 2.24 OAL but have not had a chance to shoot them yet. I have seen several loads out there for 55gr with H355 but not for the 62gr.

Thanks ahead of time for any assistance,

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Thanks, I should have said that I put the test load above together based upon what I could find on Hodgdon's site and was trying to stay in the middle ground of the load range.

The 62's seem to work really well with H322 in my SIG 556 so I am trying to stick with them if I can but I am not afraid to experiment with different powders a bit to see if there is something better out there. :)

Edit to change Hornady to Hodgdon... sigh...At least I got the H right! :)

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Look at Hodgon's reloading data.


My Speer manual says for H335 using 55gr @ 24gr of powder, they used 'magnum primers.'

Is this a requirement or a suggestion in order to get their results. I have 5000 sm rifle primers headed my way and would hate to return them.

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