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sig 238 extractor tension?


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I picked up a 238 HD and went and shot it today mix of magtech FMJ, PMC FMJ, Rem golden sabers, and Fed Hydroshocks. The damn thing either throws the brass at my head or 4-5' straight up, or less than 6" to the side. The extractor has 27oz on it using 9mm guage (yeah i know there a hundreth of an inch difference but it should be close enough). I called sig the rep claimed it was "illegal" to tell me what the correct tension is supposed to be, after I heard him mumble "I dont have a clue". Now they want me to send it back which I don't want to go through that hassle rather fix it myself.

Also had a couple of FTF where the extractor was behind the round.

Any idea what the tension is supposed to be? It'd be fine for a .45 but I assuming it should be less for a much lighter round.

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