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Search Tips, Can't Log In, Member Title & General Info...

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Search Tips [updated 05.13.08]

The search feature is designed to allow you to quickly find Topics and Posts that contain Keywords you specify.

You'll get more accuate results if you use the Advanced Search feature. Click "Search" (at the upper, right-hand corner of any forum page), then click "More Search Options." Then select "Search Titles Only." Enter your Keywords and then either leave it set to "All Forums," or select the forum where you think your search terms will be found.

However, the new search engine is so fast and accurate - especially if you're searching in Thread Titles - there's probably not much benefit to selecting a particular forum.

For example, when searching by Thread Titles for Shok Buff threads, the Keywords:

shok buff ... Will find threads with both "shok" & "buff" anywhere in the thread's title.

"shok buff" ... (with " ") Will only find threads with the words "shok" & "buff" next to each other, and in that order, in the thread's Title.

shok - buff ... Will find threads with "shok," but not "buff," in the thread's title.

buff ... Will not find threads with "buffs" in the thread's title.

buffs ... Likewise, will not find threads with "buff" in the thread's title.

In general, using fewer, simpler Keywords will return more accurate results. For example, instead of searching for "45 ammuntion" - search for "45 loads".

The same logic applies to searching an Entire Post.

Note: Type "modifiers" such as "and" or "or" in small case, and you can also use "+" or "-" to refine your search.

Keywords are not case sensitive.

You can further refine your search for a thread's content or title by adding a username to the search. Thus a search for "shok buff" will turn up many threads, while searching for "shok buff" and adding the username "benos" into the "Filter by Member Name" field will only yield the "shok buff" threads benos has posted in. (Which probably won't be too many. ;) )

If you do not enter any keywords, and instead enter a username into the "Search by Member Name" section, all posts started or replied in by this member are returned. (Very handy.)

Search posts from... Is best left to the default setting, unless you're fairly sure of the date when the topic/thread you're looking for was started.


Member Titles

What do they mean, where do they come from, and why can't I change mine?

Your Member Title corresponds to your post count. When your post count reaches the number in the left column, that's who you are, ;) for awhile.

0 looks for range

25 looks for match

50 finally read the FAQ

150 looks for target

200 sees target

250 sees sights

350 sees sights lift

500 calls shots

1000 beyond it all

2000 burned out

3000 back from the dead

You cannot change your own Member Title until your post count reaches 3000. At which time an option will appear in "My Controls."

The highly meaningful Member Title names are the result of an in-depth survey conducted by long-standing members.

If some Member's Titles appear custom, it's probably because the Member's friend petitioned Admin to change it so it embodies to that Member's unique identity. ;)


My Controls

If you're new, spend some time in My Controls, at the top middle of every page, where you can do fun things like send "PM's," edit your avatar and signature line, turn subscriptions to threads/forums on or off, and much, much more.


Logging-in or Posting Problems

If you are a registered member and cannot log-in, please review This Thread before emailing me.

If you are still having problems, be sure to include your username and whether or not you know your password, in your email, which will help to quickly resolve the issue.


Note that you cannot post in any thread that has been "closed," and you cannot post in the Classified's forum until your post count reaches 50.

And please review the Forum Guidelines

… If you haven't already, for tips on posting etiquette, The Classifieds Forum, and more.

Thank you,


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Note that our current software requires a minimum of 3 characters for a search to return results.

So thanks to ChuckS for the "asterick workaround."

Say you want to do a Thread Title only search for CZ. Adding and asterick after CZ (CZ*) will allow the search to return results.

For that tip, and a dazzling array of more search tips, check this link.


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