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Losing a great USPSA Club


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Chuck and Ricky put on a great "last match" this weekend. Georgia, Alabama and Florida shooters are gonna miss Cool Springs. You had to have participated in one of their matches to understand how much quality they could put into their stage designs. It was a challenge to figure out how to engage one of their "memory" stages. They gave us a great farewell. I suspect a few clubs around Atlanta will be asking you guys for some stage designs.

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This club had a bad time with the owners last year...


They pulled through it and kept things going. I for one was immensely pleased as these guys are the original GM-class Stage Designers And Constructors I was lucky enough to be schooled by back when I started this sport. After many major matches in many parts of the country I can honestly say they were the best I've seen. They were and still are some of the most innovative and creative folks you'd see....they were just stuck way the Hell off in the middle of nowhere without a good customer base to keep things alive. It wasn't always that way. Before the price of shooting components and gasoline went through the roof they were viable to folks all over GA.

This year more problems, all nonsensical, developed with the range owner. Yesterday was their last match. Ever.

But it was a helluva good match. They could have gone out with a gasp but they pulled out all the stops.

The GA Section, and USPSA as a whole are none the better for it...


Thanks to Chuck Harvell, Ricky Sellars, Harold Ham and Carlos Layson for the great memories I have of what "fun and challenging" could be.

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You're right Mark, those guys put together some great stages and are a group of great guys to shoot with. I started out shooting USPSA down there a few years ago and learned a lot from them. I wish I could have gotten back down there for a match before they closed it down. It's a sad day to loose this match.


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