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Greetings from Florida


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Hi guys.

I'm dwkfym from the bay area in Tampa, Florida.

I was attracted to this forum due to its non-bull**** discussions on competition shooting. Oh, and also the abundance of famous top shooters in the country :). I was getting sick and tired of regular firearm forums, where all this clutter about politics and ideologies cloud the discussions I really wanted to participate in. I started a forum a bit broader than ones such as this, one that encompasses all shooting disciplines: www.shootersquest.net

The only other serious pursuit I've been a part of is martial arts, which I have been doing all of my life. Every time I go practice or participate in a match, I am amused and enthused to discover the parallels in developing the participant in each of the disciplines.

Forgive me my plug. I have much much much to learn and I feel privileged to be able to partake in this forum. Thank you for having me here.

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