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Starting a stage UNLOADED - can I have a magazine in hand?


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So I'm looking at a few stages for an upcoming match and a couple of them have you start with an unloaded gun. One is UNLOADED HOLSTERED, the other is UNLOADED on a table while sitting in a chair. Neither specifies where your start mag is. Question - Can I start with a magazine in my hand or is there a rule saying magazines MUST be in pouches on belt? I'm shooting Limited if that matters...

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Has to be retention devices (mag pouches, etc.), or pockets. I don't think stuffing the mag in the waistband is allowed. I don't know what the penalty would be though should you do so.

5.2.4 During the course of fire, after the start signal, unless stipulated otherwise in the stage procedure, spare ammunition, magazines and/or speed loading devices shall be carried in retention devices attached to the competitor's belt and specifically designed for that purpose. Unless specifically prohibited in the Written Stage Briefing, a competitor may also carry additional magazines or speed loading devices in apparel pocket(s) and retrieve and use them without penalty, providing that the location of the apparel pocket does not violate the requirements of Appendix D, Item 12 (subject to the provisions of Rule

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