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Competition and Bayou bullets


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I need to find a load using Ramshot Competition and a Bayou 180gr bullet. I searched this forum and from what I read it looks like I should start at around 4.5gr of powder, OAL of 1.155 or so. Does this sound like a good place to start? Neither my manual nor the information on the Ramshot site list a Competition .40 load.

For future reference, when looking at start/max loads do the coated lead bullets more closely compare to lead(plain) or jacketed bullets?

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I have typically stuck with the jacketed data for these bullets. I have fired many thousands of them loaded at jacketed bullet data. They are much faster than lead. Faster than jacketed also. No experience with ramshot though.

Lead are normally faster than jacketed. Are these bullets even slower than jacketed? For a major .40 load the difference between moly and jacketed could be a whole grain with some powders.

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