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Safariland 773 mag pouches for single stack


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Can anyone answer a couple questions for me regarding the Safariland 773 mag pouches for single stack mags. 1.75 loops but with a little industrial velcro on my DAA belt fit perfect.I picked up 5 like new ones from another online forum for $75 shipped, 2 were still on the retail cards.

How many rollers are they suppose to have on each tension adjustment screw? Any tips or tricks to fitting them better to the mags? I wasn't aware that they only tilt adjust to the rear, any way around that? I'd like to make that last one to grab aroun the back easier to reach.

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It's been a while since I took the rollers out of mine, I made different, one piece rollers, slightly larger in diameter. They'll tilt in the opposite direction, if you turn it upside down and they sit a little higher. If you don't like that, you might want to send those new ones back and get the left handed version. I've never had mine tilted forward for single stack or production, at most they are vertical.

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I have been using 771s for single stack for some time. They have one roller per screw. I have them as about as close to each other as they can be. I would think that any forward tilt would just push the last one even further back on the belt. Vertical allows the mags to be furthest forward. I wear six straight up. Barney from #5 and start with #6.



ETA: You may want to bevel the openings on the inside edge, sort of like a mag well. You will thank me after your first "all mags on table" start ;)

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Thanks for the tips on the beveling the pouches, can definitely see the advantage of that one.

I did some searches and found that replacement rollers can be found at Home Depot or Lowes? Looking at the pouches currently as they are I can see that longer length ones would fit and if installed help make the draw smoother.

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