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Have a 1911, thinking about playing in SS, but...

Patrick Scott

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Quite a few years ago I came across a 1918 mfg 1911 that was kinda hacked up. Misfitted beavertail, slide cut for a Novak front wrecked finish you get the picture. So I snatched it up for a song. I fixed the beavertail best I could, refinished the gun, new pins and ignition parts. Even though is was wrecked when I got it and I have messed with it, do you guys think I should tuck it away as is or work on it some more to shoot SS with? I feel bad for the gun, but the damage is done and how cool would it be to shoot SS with an original?

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Some friends who shoot heavy metal 3 Gun and have Garands and such had talked about how cool it would be to go to the last Western States Single Stack Championship and shoot classic 1911 (not A1) with the flap holsters and 7 round mags. No one did :roflol:

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If it were a stock 1918 1911 that hadn't been messed with I probably wouldn't even shoot it. Sounds like

every major part of yours has been messed with. It has ZERO collector value--get some decent sights and

whatever else you think is necessary on that puppy and shoot the heck out of it.

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