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Remington 1187 Sportsman


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Hey everyone,

I purchased an 1187 12ga. Sportsman for 3Gun. My plan is to order an XRail for it and throw an optic on there. Any other suggestions as to other work that should be performed? I'm new to Shotguns and don't have much experience.


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Here are a few things I did to my 11-87 to make it more user friendly and function better. Make sure you have additional o-rings for the gas system. Keep the gun lubricated.

1. Open loading port and bevel edges.

2. Add Dave's Metal Works easyloader gate.

3. Replaced the bolt handle.

4. Added Nordic Components extended mag tube.

5. Replaced factory Mag tube follower with stainless steel follower.

6. Polished mag tube with mag extension in place.

7. Replaced wood furniture with composite stock and forearm.

8. Added fiber optic sight(s) to rib.

9. Bought choke set.

10. Replaced factory action spring assembly with Surefire components.

11. Added barrel clamp.

I hope this helps.


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The Remington 11-87 is a good platform for 3-gun (better than many shotgun snobs around here give it credit for :sight:). I have a 1994-vintage Premier with God knows how many rounds through it and it still runs fine as my primary Tactical-division 3-gun shotgun. The key to keeping it running is consistent preventative maintenance and part replacement (read this). I keep mine pristinely clean and lightly lubed - for multi-day matches I clean it every day. Parts for the Remingtons are plentiful and dirt cheap, so keep spares on hand.

The first consideration is that your gun may have dimples in the magazine tube. If so, they will prevent shells from moving into the X-Rail. The dimples are easily removed either by swaging or drilling/grinding. I run a Wolff extra power magazine spring (to ensure the gun does not lock open with a shell on the carrier) and the OEM plastic follower (another cheap consumable part). Of course, with the X-Rail you may not have the option of a stronger spring. I run a heavily reinforced Choate magazine clamp too.

Next, for loading I assume you are going to use TecLoader speedloaders. In this case, you will want to mount the TecLoader bracket and possibly an aftermarket loading guide (like the one from Arredondo). I don't run these, but I'm sure others will be able to comment.

The EZ Loader is mandatory - the OEM carrier release (standard or "tactical") sucks. Installing the EZ Loader is a PITA but quite doable if you are competent with hand tools. If not, consider paying someone WITH EZ LOADER EXPERIENCE to install it for you. Don't rely on the stock roll pin that comes with it - they have a tendency to break at the worse time. Either use a solid Remington pin or put a piece of music wire inside the roll pin. Lastly, shorten the prongs of the EZ Loader by about 1/3-1/2. This mod will reduce the moment of inertia and thus reduce stress on the roll pin and prevent the bolt closing on an empty chamber when you run the gun dry (admittedly unlikely with the X-Rail).

Continuing the Open gun theme, look at installing a red dot sight. I like the smaller sights inlet into the rib, but there are many options depending on your budget. A vent rib is just fine too, as are bolt on open sights or a ghost ring (my preference).

I happen to run a pistol grip stock - totally optional of course, but the guns run equally well with traditional or PG stocks, and there are no 922r issues.

Otherwise, don't change anything. I am NOT a big fan of oversized controls, particularly "tactical" charging handles because they snag on stuff and fly off at the worse time bringing your stage to a grinding halt. I run only the OEM charging handle, and even then I have a spare bungeed onto my mag tube (once bitten - twice shy).

Last, and most important, find ammo that runs in your gun and then STICK WITH IT. Mine loves Estate and Remington trap loads, Estate and Federal high brass heavy game loads, and Remington Managed Recoil and Winchester Reduced Recoil slugs.

If you encounter any functional problems, come back here and post the most accurate description you can. Just about any problem with the Remington gas guns can be resolved. When they run, they run well and last forever (the trap world is awash with Remingtons with over 100K rounds under their belt). Good luck.

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Thanks for all the responses guys, I was at area 8 all weekend so I just skimmed through but will read more in depth on the ride home. What about mounting an optic, is it already drilled and tapped for a pic rail or would I have to send it away? If I do,any suggestions on who should do the work?

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Your choice is:

Option 1: A bolt on scope mount with Weaver/Picatinny rail that attaches via the trigger plat pins, upon which you can mount any red dot optic you like.

Option 2: Drill and tap the receiver, then bolt on a Weaver/Picatinny rail.

Option 3: Have a small red dot optic mounted on/in the vent rib.

Option 1 is the easiest DIY job and is perfectly functional. Option 2 s pretty much functionally the same as Option 1 but a bigger PITA. Option 3 is the most elegant IMHO.

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I'm set up with to speedload with Tecloaders, although it's not very speedy when the shells go flying everywhere.:D

Hahaha. I got the speedloaders and my XRail arrives today. I heard the speedloaders are almost useless without the DMW loader and the arredondo speedchute.

Any thoughts?

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