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Adjustable rear sight setting moves? Reconfirm?


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On my glock 34 four i am running dawson precision adjustable rear sight with a matching front. Every once in awhile I notice my gun shooting to the left, even on a bench rest. Just last week I went to the range with the same type of ammo. Everything was dialed in. On today's visit majority of my shot's were to the left. It took about two clicks. I been also reconfirming the zero with a bench rest.

Is this normal? I did locktite and set down the lock down screws on the sight. Any advice would be appreciated.

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It could be the sights...it could be operator induced...are you right handed?

Sometimes when I start getting tired my shots go left due to a lapse in concentration and loss of proper trigger control. I start jerking the trigger (old bad habit) as I see the sights cross the target usually because I'm tired and my ability to hold a good sight picture is going away. The sight circle gets large and I get a little shakey and start snatching the trigger when I think the sights are centered. The result is usually a fairly nice group but all left and sometimes a bit low...the classic "trigger jerk group".

If it is indeed your sights, and it is always a bit more left each time requiring adjustment, you should start to notice the entire rear sight base sitting more to the left in the dovetail. Was the sight easy to slide into place when you installed it or did you have to tap it in? If you have a set of calipers you can measure from the side of the slide to the side of the sight base in the dovetail and record the dimension. Next time it seems off, measure again and compare. Even loctite and set screws can become loose over time.

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