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Any AP clubs in/near Denver


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I recently relocated to Denver from Virginia, and I miss shooting AP. Ive done a quick search, and at one time I thought I had located a club that shoots AP, but I cant find it now. Does anyone know of any clubs in the Denver area that shoot AP, or just good clubs in general for shooting pistol, and skeet.

Im sure it wont be quite as cool as Bedford :cheers: but one never knows.

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Not AP, but they may know.


Try the above link. All else fails contact Damien Orsinger at the NRA he works with Tom Hughes who is teh AP Co-ordinator, so they may know what is going on in CO.

All you need is 50yard range, 3 or 4 target stands, plates rack and a portable barricade and that will cover 13 or 14 or the NRA matches. Timer and a mat.

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We'll keep our fingers crossed for you to locate a club in that area, Bob. You are sorely missed here in the hills of VA, and you'll be one hell of an asset for any club lucky enough to have you as a member! Knowing you as I do, you'd start your own Action Pistol range if you could find a good north-facing location!!:roflol:


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Man, I havent been on here in way too long. Miss you guys, a lot... :cheers:

Work here is crazy, but in a good way. I havent shot anything since my last match in august in Bedford. I need to find a good range here. I may know someone who can build some equipment...... :roflol:

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Goneracin, I will add this as an upcoming match. In Rawlins Wyo there will be an indoor action pistol match at the recreation center. April 27-29. Look on the City of Rawlins, Wyo website-Recreation-Silver Bullet Tournament. Rich

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