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PMC bronze 115 gr 9mm FMJ problems


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I fired a box 50 through both my lubricated shadows and got 4 stove pipe failures. The stuff was not ejecting nearly as forcefully as the WWB 115gr and my 133 power factor 124 gr jhp reloads. I am also running the stock spring for the custom shadow (I think its 11 lbs) . I dont have a chrono but the PMC seems really underpowered

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I have used several thousand rounds of the PMC 115 gr. FMJ Bronze, as well as the old orange and white box with black letters. Never experienced any problems, and they are one of the lowest cost 9mm ammunition on the market B)

Two other low cost reliable 115 gr. 9mm rounds are Blazer (aluminum and brass), and Winchester white box. Federal American Eagle makes a reliable 147 gr. FMJ Flat Point for low cost.

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I have had some problems with PMC bronze 115Fmj. Here are the details:

I bought a case last June and had no problems at all with my Glock 17, which I traded for a Glock 34 after going through half the case.

I then had a lot of problems: failure to feed with all magazines, including some used previously with the G17.

I then switched to Federal (5 boxes) and Blazer (aluminum, 1 case) and the G34 had no problems at all, only with this lot of PMC bronze 115 Fmj.

At one session, I was using some mags filled with PMC and some others with Blazer: FTF withthe PMC, no problems with the Blazer.

The dealer told me several other customers reported problems with the PMC, even mentioning one with a Glock 17.

He also told me he will no longer sell PMC after that! I will not buy PMC any more.

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