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Win Super-Lite (WSL) for 9 mm?


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I have 8# of Win Super-Lite (no longer produced as far as I know - shows up in no current loading charts) that I bought probably about 1992-3. I was using it for 12 ga. shells. I switched to Clays, and ended up with 2 ea. 4# cans left over. Both in my control since new, always stored in climate-controlled areas, still in original sealed cans. I expect the powder is still OK to use.

Problem - all my old manuals from that vintage were sold or given away long ago. I wasn't shooting pistol at that time, so no old loading records in my logs to work from.

Does anyone have any safe starting loads for WSL in 9 mm with 115 or 124 gr bullets they would be willing to share? If I could get a start load that was surely safe as far as pressure, I could work from that with a chronograph. I'd like to use it up. I may have some old shotshell data, so guess I could burn it up in practice shells if I had to.

Unfortunately I don't own a super HD universal receiver or a piezo pressure transducer to do "from scratch" development.

Any help appreciated in advance. Thanks,


Idaho Falls

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