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Grams Spring and Followers - Witness Gold Custom


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Hi everyone! I recently picked up a Witness Gold Custom and decided to try Grams Followers in it. I usually modify the factory follower to my liking, but figured I'd give them a shot. Well, with Grams follower my .38 supercomp 170mm magazine capacity is only increased by one. On top of that, since there are no sidewalls to the follower, the rounds have a much greater tendency to nosedive coming out of the magazine since they are not being fed from a stable base.

This is especially obvious when the magazine is filled to its limit. In my opinion, a reliable feed is much more important than an extra round of ammo. So, in this particular application, I do not recommend the product. People in the past have believed that Witness Gold Teams in .38 super have had issues with feeding hollow points. With this experience, I believe it is simply a magazine issue. I have had no failures to feed in over 750 hollowpoints with factory Tanfoglio followers and springs in stock and 170 mm mag lengths.

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