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N330 / Bayou Bullets 147g Chrono Data


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Working up a new load with VV N330 over a Bayou Bullets fpbb 147g bullet.

Shooting a stock 9mm Sig Sauer P226 over an Oehler 35P

OAL:1.135 Crimp:.378 Temp:85 Humidity:72% Cases:Mixed Primer:WSP

3.2 grains N330





3.4 grains N330





3.6 grains N330





3.8 grains N330





4.0 grains N330





All loads functioned flawlessly in the P226. I plan to move forward with accuracy testing of the 3.6 & 3.8 load as well as try a 3.7 load. Goal is to develop a sweet shooting minor load for IPDA/USPSA. Since I am a relatively new reloader, I appreciate any feedback.


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Thanks. Yes, I am looking for a tight group at 20-25 yards. Based on the above chrono results, does anyone think I should be looking beyond the 3.6, 3.7 & 3.8 grain loads?

I don't see any reason to go beyond 3.8gr. While N330 isn't that fast there is no need to punish the brass. Your results would make more sense to me if compared against a more common load with the same bullet. Something like N320 at 3.5gr. I shoot Bayou bullets and I really like them for a variety of reasons, but I have not done explict accuracy testing, unless you call winning a steel match accuracy testing. Hitting a popper at 45 yards free style isn't an accuracy test, shooting groups at 25 or even 50 yards off a rest is more meaningful.

You didn't comment on sweet being new to reloading how did these feel flip and recoil wise compared to WalleyWorld ammo?

My target for Production minor ammo is 135pf this gives enough fudge factor for most major match crono setups. That Sig is a short barreled gun 4", I've got one I carry, but in a 5" you will get a bit more velocity.

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Of the first 5 test loads, I loaded 25 of each to test function and velocity. Now that I've bracketed my PF target, I will load more of those and test further with a longer test string over the chrono and accuracy test off the bench at 25 yards or even longer based on what I'm reading. With regard to flip & recoil, all the initial test loads were soft shooting with a negligible flip when compared to WWB, UMC, or Blazer. There was no smoke or smell that I noticed with the the Bayou Bullet and no leading in the barrel after the 125 round test. I would also say that overall the gun was cleaner than after a typical range session with production ammo leading me to believe the N330 burns cleaner.

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