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Federal Match Primers


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Match primers have more quality controls done to them to be more uniform. In my testing and others....they reduced my group sizes by 27% at 50 yards using premium components, so they do make a difference, depending on what you are using them for....


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The only messed up primers that I have ever found in Federal boxes were the "match" primers.

I had some with a crooked anvil and some that were brass and not plated. I have never seen any bad ones in the standard primers. I certainly would not pay more for them. The only reason I bought them before is because that was all that I could find during one of the shortages.

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I remember reading somewhere that the match primers are basically the same as the regular primers but one of the biggest things they do is to let the machines get warmed up and running so everything is consistent and then they take the primers out of the middle of the run where they would be the most consistent.

Neal in AZ

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