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Glock 17 Sort Of Open Gun


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I have a Glock 17 with an RMR setup coming my way as an experiment with this concept as mostly a defensive handgun.

I was thinking I could play a little with shooting Open in USPSA and a Local Steel Match.

Can I use just normal 17 round mags or some 17+5s to start or do I have to get the 170mm gear. I mostly just want to see how it runs and for some fun etc.. if I like it I will build a more traditional open gun. How many mags etc do I need to get started? The Steel match I assume the smaller mags will not matter at all as nothing I have seen has been more than 10 shots before a mandatory reload.

I fully know I will get my butt kicked but I just want to try it. Anything else I NEED to try this?

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Would that not be Limited? :)

When I have the thing in hand I will post some pictures but it is just a One Source Tactical setup. I got it for what I think is a fair price, and I could move it along if I do not like it for not much out of pocket.

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I shot Open at a major match and only used/needed 2 mags with +5's for the entire match.

However, I recently shot a major that had a bunch of stages that were around 24 rounds each. If I had been shooting Open at this match, I would have wanted to use the +10 base pad mag.

In Steel Challenge (5 rounds per run), I use mags loaded to 10 rounds. I use a fresh mag with 10 rounds for each run.

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Just picked it up today!


I also got two +8/10 base pads today as well as a late birthday gift from the father-in-law... of all the things to pick from the wish list.

I can not wait to try it out and then try and run it!

Can the Gen 4s use the "-" connectors? Or do I need different trigger gear?

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I have a M&P 9L Open gun with a RMR milled into the slide. I like it. I have one 170mm mag (26 rounds) to start a stage, then if necessary go to 140s.

That's it? I could get 23+1 with the Taylor Freelance 140mm extensions.

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