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Cast Bullet Weight Consistancy

Ben Diss

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I took a chance and ordered some of Brownell's new Colorado 128 grain .357 RNFP bullets. I figured I'd check a few and see how consistent they weigh. Not good. They're all over the place, from 119 grains to 134 grains. Seems like most are around 132 so I sorted them and kept anything between 131.00 and 133.99. That yielded about 50% of the 500 ct box.

What weight range is acceptable? Is a +/- 1 grain spread close enough to still get good accuracy at 25 yards?

BTW, I also ordered a box of their 158 round nose and these all weighed within +/- 0.5 grain of 162.

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That's quite a variance, about 12%. At such short distances, you probably wouldn't have a problem. Try a few magazines of mixed weight reloads at the distances you shoot and see if you can notice the difference. That's probably the best indicator.

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I hear what you're saying, but I like having confidence in my equipment so that I know if I miss, it's me and not an errant bullet. Still, I'll load a few from the lot and see if I can tell any difference.

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