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New from spokane wa!


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Welcome to the area and to the forum!

Spokane has two USPSA clubs (Spokane Practical Pistol League and Inland Northwest Action Shooters). There are also clubs in the Tri-Cities (Richland, Pasco, Kennewick) and Lewiston ID (which actually shoots closer to Moscow ID...long story).

SPPL generally runs a 3-Gun match every year but due to some range politics lost their range and are relocating. Check their website.

The Tri-Cities club does at least one 3-Gun match a year, often more.

Missoula has at least one a year and while its two states over it isn't that far and a wonderful range with great folks.

There is also a 3-Gun match down near Grangeville, ID run around Memorial Day every year. Check the Lewiston club website (lewistonpistol.org) for details starting around March.

And finally, there is one heck of a 3-Gun done every year near Ephrata WA. Never been but I hear nothing but good things about it.

I'm probably forgetting something or someone but that's a quick thumbnail.


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SPPL, INAS, Lewiston and Tri-Cities all shoot monthly year-round as nearly as I can recall. Lewiston shoots 1st Sunday (USPSA) and 4th Sunday (Steel - format varies).

SPPL and INAS both shoot on Saturday I believe (check to make sure) but I don't recall which weekends. During the winter they shoot indoors.

I believe Tri-Cities is 3rd Sunday.

Since gas got so damned expensive I haven't been traveling to monthly matches much outside of my home club (Lewiston). And I miss it. :(

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