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G20 convert to g24


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Okay, I have done some searching and couldn't find what I wanted. I have an open G34 based gun, and I want to get into limited, in order to have more of the same after switching between guns I was thinking of doing the 24 length (6" barrel) gun, due to the length of the 34 and comp this length will closely resemble that of my open gun. Balance should be about the same and I get the added bonus of that extra sight radius. Now the catch is, like nearly everyone else, money...I have a g20 (Large frame, 10mm) is there any issue in going with the g24 length slide and barrel, I was looking at LWD, but would prefer another source, even oem glock slide and maybe KKM barrel. Or should I go with the 6" 10mm slide and barrel for any safety concern? Either way I will have to reload in order to afford to shoot it, any thoughts? thanks

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An OKC local shooter has a G20 with a lone wolf 6" slide and KKM barrel. Shoots very nicely. Only problem he has are the only basepads available for the large mags are the Arrendondo's, which I've seen pop apart when they hit concrete once.

His screen name on boomershooter.com is Aldrin44 if you have questions for him.

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