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Smith-Wesson new gun old barrel?


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I have not seen a JM625 with the 2 piece barrel but my model 66 with the 2 piece barrel has a different frame than my 66's with the one piece barrel. There is a square lug that protrudes from the frame to lock the 2 piece barrels shroud in place. It looks like it could be milled off but I have never tore it down that far. If the 625's with the 2 piece barrels are made similar to the 66's then it would be a little more complicated than a regular barrel swap.

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Thanks Toolguy and Carmoney. Carmoney can you change barrels or would I need to have it done somewhere else and have you do the action?



PM sent. (Like Gregg K. mentioned, I've never seen a 625JM with the 2-piece set-up. Unless it's a brand new gun, and they've changed things at the factory, it should have a standard 4" tube.)

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