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new thin aluminum sv follower?


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I have one in a mag Brandon Strayer gave me a couple of months ago.

They work Ok but they are a bit less tolerant to sand and dust than the plastic ones.

It doesn't matter to me as this is one of my match magazines and it get cleaned every occasion.

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I mentioned this in another thread, but I've been using these followers for a couple months now in the new style signature mags (limited .40 BTW). With 13 coil SV springs I'm getting 20 reloadable. I can almost get 21 in all 4 but not quite. I know another guy with the same followers and same signature mag bodies with 10 coil SV springs getting 21 reloadable.

I get a round under the follower every once in a while but usually after the mag hits the ground on a reload. It has never affected function though the few times I've shot mags with rounds under the follower. I typically clean dropped mags between stages so dust and sand haven't caused me any problems.

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