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Does strong hand only imply strong hand unsupported?


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In LPatterson's post on the thread about significant advantage he wrote:

Whether it was leaning on a wobbly card table or a well supported wall, the shooter was supporting themselves on a prop. lists the violation, 10.2.8 lists the penalty. Do the crime do the time.

Example; Wall with fault line - strong hand only - shooter must lean around wall to engage hidden targets - touches wall with shooting arm - procedural per shot fired. Same day different squad, different RO - shooter rests weak hand on wall - no penalty. Stage thrown out on appeal. Should we teach RO's there are different degrees of support?

I thought that the procedural only applied with if the WSB stipulated "strong hand unsupported" ( Otherwise, I'm not seeing anything under 10.2.8 against leaning the shooting arm against the wall for support if the WSB stipulated "strong hand only".

Also as a reference see Bruce Gary's old post regarding "weak hand unsupported":

Unsupported means that you can't use the *other* hand to provide support. Unless your stage instructions had other requirements for "unsupported", I'll assume that we're looking to the rulebook for clarification.

So, if the stage says "weak hand", it means that you can't use the strong hand to

-- touch the gun ( except to reload, clear malfs, etc

-- support the shooting hand, wrist or arm (

-- hold onto a barricade or prop to increase stability (

Basically, in a weak-hand string, the strong arm is deemed to be completely incapacitated for the rest of the string, so... if they use the strong arm in any substantive way to aid their stance or shooting, that's a procedural.

However, there's nothing to say that they can't lean against a barricade, or take a kneeling stance and support the weak arm on their knee, or any of a number of other variations... as long as they don't use the strong arm to do it.

Or is there an implication that if a WSB say "strong hand only" it also automatically implies "strong hand unsupported" because of stage designer's intent? I thought that we weren't allowed to discern intent and only go by what was written?

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If the WSB says SH only then the shooter can use any prop available in the shooting area to brace their shooting arm as well as any body part other than their weak arm from shoulder to hand. The challenge here is can you brace yourself quickly enough to make it worthwhile, and is there enough room in the shooting area to assume a position that will brace your shooting arm?

A WSB gotcha would be providing a barricade or wall and then stating SH only UNSUPPORTED in an attempt to penalize any shooter that attempted to lean in some fashion against the wall or barricade.

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