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Hybrid barrel help


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Ok guys...need a little help on this hybrid barrel installation. First off, I have installed barrels and have built several 2011's, but maybe I am lacking sleep is why I can't figure this one out.

Cut the slot per Mike's specs, have .010" clearance all the way around rib. I seem to be getting quite a bit of spring in the barrel and it will not go up into "battery". I can push it up, then it springs right back. Do I need to relieve the area around the rib on the barrel? The slide is champfered along the rib cut. I can drop a straight bull barrel in and she fits right in no problems at all. Actually took the one out of my 40 and other open gun and put in a slide stop, everything worked perfecto. Again, I haven't had all my coffee yet, but maybe I am overlooking something. This is my first Hybrid install.

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