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Benelli M2 questions


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First off i'd like to introduce myself. My name is James. Until now my competition experience has been limited to tactical precision rifles. I have been itching to get into some 3-gun here and there to break it up. I found this website a few months ago and have been researching high and low. For the past 5 years i have been using an 11-87 with an 18.5" barrel as well as a 26" vent rib. I mainly use it for trap/skeet, pig hunting, pheasant, dove, and waterfowl. I knew the 11-87 wasn't going to serve me well for 3-gun so i set out to find a replacement. With the use of this forum i ended up buying a M2 21" field.

My initial impressions of this gun vs the 11-87 are outstanding. I can't believe i used to lug that Remmy around for miles in Nebraska hunting Pheasants. The Benelli is super light, much more comfortable, points faster, and has gobs of better features. The ability to rack the bolt to eject a shell without automatically feeding another will help in the duck blind when a goose flies over and i need to toss in some triple BB. I already did the ghost load mod and added a Briley bolt knob, Nordic extension, and a bolt release button. I plan to have the lifter welded up since it already bit me once. I figure this Benelli will do almost everything i need it to do from before + 3-gun but i have a few questions...

I want to shoot slugs from this gun (pig hunting in California shotgun zones & 3-gun) I have read that some of you guys have your barrels bent to match the POA. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a good capable smith and a estimated price? I also see some of you guys are adding a 10-22 rear sights to the vent rib. I'm willing to go this route as well. Does anyone offer this install as a service? If not can someone tell me what size dovetail bit i would need along with some close up pics of your barrel? I do have access to a mill. The 10-22 sight seems nice since i can use it for hunting yet fold it down for 3-gun or bird hunting.

Safety- i know you guys say the M2 has a better safety then the M1 but im used to an oversized safety on my 11-87 and i keep having a hard time bumping my safety off on the M2 in a hurry. Anyone have a better mod or idea? It doesn't look like the DMW safety fits the M2 from the pic on their website. The M2 has more of a triangle shaped safety and the DMW safety looks round.

Thanks for the help. I think this gun is gonna be the ticket for an all around shotgun. Now i just need to sharpen up my skills with my glock :unsure:

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You have already done a good part of Bennys tac package. Call him later in the week next week and get a price to finish your gun off. He will get the gun shooting to poa, clean up your safety, install the 10/22 rear sight and the hi vis front, open up the loading port and install a crum lifter. Makes a good gun much better. Price will be fair and turn around fast. 361-241- 1091 get you where you want to be. He can also give you a lot of insight into what a tac shotgun needs to do.----------Larry

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