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Action Shotgun Match, Charleston, R.I.

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Action Shotgun Match

October 16th, at the

Bradford Sportsman’s Club,

Charleston R.I.

6 stages of steel and clays, stationary and aerial

3 divisions, Open, Tactical, and Pump

Entry fee $50.00

Cash Prizes

Awards to be determined by division participation

Shot only, no slugs or buckshot

Preregistration Only

Limited to 60 shooters

For more information email Dan Sierpina at


Please email me for application



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Had a great time today at the match. Good to meet you in person Dan. Stage 6 could have been dropped though and it wouldn't have hurt my feelings LOL Having never shot skeet before it was an eye opener and a match killer for me. ;)

Will definitely make the next one if I'm not working.

When and where will the scores be posted?

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I don't know exactly who to thank but that was one hell of a shotgun match!

Stages were WILD!

High round count and a lot of different ways to shoot them.

Hope they do it next year.

Mark Mazzotta is the one to thank. Unfortunately he has nothing to do with computers, snail mail does it for him. :D

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To anyone that missed the match :goof: :goof: You missed a great one. As has been posted, the stages were great. Stage 6 gave me the itch to find a 5 stand club and play. For me, the 2.5hr drive each way was worth it. Great squad, great stages, and some eye openers on what to work on.

I will be sending a thank you to Mark and to the club. I saw Mark running a squad of club members through at the end. I think he hooked them and was reeling them in.

To anyone going, See you at New Bedford Sunday.

Thanks to DanS for your part in this and all the help and encouragement. We are real lucky in the Northeast to have such great people to shoot with.

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Can someone post the stage descriptions/diagrams? we are looking for new ideas for a shotgun match in December in Oak Ridge TN.

Stage 6 was 5 stand clays. Started with pairs 1&3 2&6, 4&5 then in sequence 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and sequence again for total of 25clays I think it is 80 seconds (seemed a lot shorter) reload off your belt or blocks. That one is stuck in my mind and will never leave. :cheers:

Maybe Supermoto can link his videos.

Lots of knock down steel, launched clays from machines on a couple stages as a start, poppers with flippers, one windmill, one 3 clay swinger, and a 20 something round natural terrain stage shooting stationary clays.

There were no printed stage descriptions and the stage designer does not do Internet so the videos will be your best bet.

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Can someone post the stage descriptions/diagrams? we are looking for new ideas for a shotgun match in December in Oak Ridge TN.

One stage, Stage 6 that Round Gun Shooter mentioned, was based on the Team Challenge Flurry. 6 sporting clays traps were computer controled to launch a total of 25 birds. The first 6 were simultaneous pairs, 4 seconds apart. The other 19 were singles launched in a 1-6 trap sequence. It was a single start. It was so easy to get mixed up with loading and shooting.

The "Walk in the Woods" had 28 clays on stands that were engaged while going down a trail. I believe the number of clays that were shot were 75 per shooter. Then toss in a bunch of steel plates, poppers, walls and 30+ mph wind gusts.

The triple clay swinger and 6 clay windmill were purchased from forum vendor, GT Targets in Pa.

I personally went through around 160 rounds of ammo at the match. Minimum was 130ish. :goof:

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Maybe Supermoto can link his videos.

Here you go.

Not a good view of the windmill. Its on the first stage, when I do a standing reload, then start moving backwards waiting for the clay to spin. Not sure why I didn't do a reload before the windmill, that think was spinning fast. I blasted 6 shots at it, got 5 before the reload. Fun target to shoot


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