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LG. pistol primers or LG. Magnum pistol primers for .45ACP?


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If the reload book calls for large magnum primers, don't try to substitute large pistol primers. Some powders require more ignition for safe loads. I don't recall any loads for .45 ACP requiring Magnum primers.


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Large pistol primers if available. Large Magnum will work but test the load. But don't use Large Pistol instead of Large magnum.


Winchester does not make Large Pistol Magnum Primers, per se. Their Large Pistol Primers will work in regular or Magnum loads.


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Which do I need to load .45 ACP, Large pistol primers or Large Magnum pistol primers ?

Standard primer for standard loads is recommended. That said, I run magnum primers in standard loads (LPP and SPP) all the time. I run what I get cheapest and in have never had issues running light-medium loads (I don't load anything hot). YMMV.

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