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New 3 gun build - Stock?


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Hi all, I'v been ordering parts for my 3 gun ar 15 build.

I would like recommendations as to which stock to use? 18" barrel. I'm going with the JP Lmos Carrier and adjustable gas block. I've been searching and reading, butstill would like opinions on going with a rifle stock with the JP Lmos buffer or a carbine stock with standard carbine buffer and JP spring. Thank's

I am leaning towards a Moe stock, I have this on my 16" midlength and it like it.

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What you are looking for in a stock is:

(1) Fit to YOU. There is a lot to be said for collapsible stocks. I even like a different length of pull for standing versus prone shooting, for example. I would not go back to a fixed-length stock if I could avoid it.

(2) Good cheek weld for your face shape and preferred head position (I like nose-to-charging-handle).

(3) Weight. Think about the weight/length of your barrel, and choose a stock to give you the balance point you want.

On my 16" lightweight rifle I run a MagPul CTR for its light weight. However, when it came to my 18" midweight rifle, the considerable extra weight out front was better balanced by the heavier MagPul UBR.

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Running a UBR right now after switching from a CTR. Love it. Solid feel, good cheek weld and adjustable. I think I will almost always go with an adjustable. I can definitely remember a few stages where you would be in trouble if you couldn't shorten your stock.

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