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M2 Benelli lightweight suitable for 3 gun?


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I saw one in the store [24"] and it seemed to fit me perfectly.

It is light though and recoil, well I am recoil sensitive.

I last competed with a 9rd factory M1 S90 with a Kick EEze pad and rifle sights. It was light enough for me and I did very well with it.

I did notice the mag. end nut looks different than the standard M2 and do not know if that too would be meaningful.

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I have a bad shoulder, and couldn't take the kick of an M1, so I always shot a Remington. I now shoot an M2, with the comfortech stock, and eventhough it kicks a little more than the Remington, it's a LOT softer than an M1!!

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I am assuming your looking at the wood furniture model because the cost is lower? If that's the case, I would find a used M2 with Comfortech to save some $.

I actually saw one of these and thought I liked the fact that it is light.

It seemed to handle and point perfectly.

Being lighter I do not know about hard use, recoil...

I also did not know about the hardware securing the mag extension on an aftermarket extension tube. Compatability. Is the hardware just a lighter piece or different otherwise?

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