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What Would You Do About Scoring Errors?

Chris Keen

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Shot a local match yesterday, and had alot of fun with my squad. We are all pretty much friends, and we laugh and joke in between shooting, but when it is time to shoot we take it very seriously. Safety comes 1st, accuracy and efficiency of running the match come 2nd, and learning to shoot better falls somewhere behind that. :rolleyes:

So anyways, we were all shooting and having a good time, and I did not check my score sheet after each stage ..... in fact I never saw my score sheet after signing in and paying my match fees. Just assumed it would be taken care of.

Well when the scores came out tonight, I noticed I did not have any no-shoots ..... when in fact I had one on Stage 1, and another one on Stage 3. A total of 2 no-shoots, but they are not reflected anywhere in my scores for the match. I sent an email to the stats person, asking for this minor oversight to be corrected, but he says they were not recorded on the score sheets, and he cannot add, change, or delete from what is recorded on the sheets.

Now being a statistician myself, I know exactly what he means ..... I've read the rule book too. But this just is NOT RIGHT. I don't know why as a shooter, you couldn't ask to have a penalty assesed that should be there to begin with. I mean, I'm not asking for him to SUBTRACT a penalty, or add additional Alphas that aren't there. I just want the correct scores to be reflected, win or lose.

Can I ask to be disqualified from the match at this point? Maybe not a DQ per se, but simply remove my name from the match results, as an attempt to make it right. Cause this is not right. The guy who was 2nd place deserves to know the truth. Maybe he even won, we will never know.

I feel bad now that I didn't check my scores after each stage, or before I left for the day. I even feel a little sick, almost as if I actually did something wrong, when in fact I never held or touched the clipboard all day. :sick:

I just want to make it right ............... what would you do, or what can I do to fix this?

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Match results are final after the posting period, so they can't officially be changed, but there are plenty of cases where a shooter doing the right thing sent on a trophy or plaque they didn't deserve to the person that did.

Even if nothing is on the line, the right thing to do is let the 2nd (& 3rd ... ) place person know your scores weren't correct. It's easy enough to figure out how your match points would change and figure accordingly.

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I'd see if I could get the ROs who ran you to back you up on an appeal to the match director.....

Look hard at Chapter 9.7, especially 9.7.4.

Assuming scores weren't calculated/posted at the range, you might be able to make a case that this is still during the posting period, i.e. prior to the results becoming final....

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Since it was a local match I assume there wasn't any plaques or prizes involved. Would the applied penalities have changed the overall results? If not I doubt the stats person will want to bother with keying the changes and recalculating the results and reposting....If it would have and they still don't want to fool with it, might want to shoot the person who would have won a e-mail to notify them....that will go along ways in their eyes.....

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OK, I sent an email to everyone I could think of, stating what happened, and included a quick calculation of the top 3 shooters in Open, with the changes to their scores. Without all the score sheets, and plugging the changes into EZWINSCORE it's pretty hard to show the changes to every shooter. But most importantly it actually didnt affect the stage finish, or the overall div. finish, so I feel better knowing that.

Thanks for everyone's input on the subject. I just want a fair score at the end of the day, for myself, and everyone included.

That is all. :cheers:

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Since this is the match tips area...for scoring...

I highly suggest ALWAYS using the "Rule of 3 Circles" and also requiring that the shooters sign their score sheets.

The best example of this that I've seen is Jerry Miculek. He was at our IPSC Nationals match. He had clearly won the match. Yet, he persisted in checking that his posted scores were correct. Not that he was looking at points for himself, but he was looking to make sure his (winning) stage scores were right...because the winning stage score impacts ever other shooter down the line.

Most all of us want the scores we earned...good or bad.

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