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Need Advise Please Benelli or Saiga


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Hi Guys,

I want to get into 3 gun all I need is a shotgun. I shoot USPSA with an open Glock, so I will probably shoot open. I looked at a Benelli M 18" barrel $975.00 and a Saiga 12 19" barrel $799.00. I live in CT and the pistol grip on the Benelli keeps me from adding an extension mag unless I get rid of the pistol grip. The Saiga's workmanship looks very rough compared to the Benelli. Which gun would you buy and why? Is 18" enough barrel length for an extended mag and how many rounds would that add? I am very new to shotguns, any info would be helpful.


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An 18.5 Benelli will usually run 7+1 with the extended tube that runs flush with the end of the barrel.

IMHO, an 18.5 is too short for 3-Gun (plus, they usually come with rifle sights or ghost rings, which are great for the three or four slug shots that you'll take at a local match, but way too slow for the majority of birdshot engagements).

If I were you and insisting on a Benelli, I would run an M1 or M2 with a 21- to 24-inch vent rib barrel if you're thinking "Limited Division" or a 26- to 28-incher in Open.

I would RUN AWAY from a Saiga.

A Benelli set up for 3-Gun runs around $1000 and it will run day in and day out. Install a Nordic Components extended tube and add a few Tec-Loaders and a Tec-Loader bracket (~ $200)and you're topped out for a Benelli. You can put an optic on it if you wish or run it with the bead on a vent rib.

Saiga: A couple grand, done right, plus the cost of an optic. Anything short of that and it will likely be a jam-o-matic. It takes a lot to get a Saiga to run VERY reliably. And "a lot" costs money....

I said "insisting on a Benelli" because if I were thinking about Limited, I'd actually run an FN SLP or a Winchester SX-3 instead. The Benelli is a fine gun, I just prefer the feel of the FN. In Open Division though, the Benelli is the cat's meow....

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There are very few benelli open shotguns...very few.

WHY? and if not what?

Outerlimits neglected to add that Open is a small portion of 3 gun shooters. Look at the results of the large matches. Tac-Optics is by far the most populated division. The Benelli is one of the most popular guns in this division.

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Tube guns run all the time and reload 12 rounds in 5-6 seconds.

Off the shelf Sagias run most of the time and reload 12 rounds in 1-2 seconds.

It really seems like the same shooter with both guns would be close to tying himself up since hypothetically, the Saiga would run for 10 out of 11 stages and all of the combined reloads for the tube gun in 11 stages = one Saiga malfunction.

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Any new Input on the Mossberg 930 spx ($600.)that is not in the search results? It seems crazy to spend $1000.00 on a shotgun that I'm only going to use a couple times a year.

Thanks Guy's


Open is expensive. If you want to keep the price down, I'd take the dot and comp off the Glock and shoot the Mossberg.

I've never seen a competitive Open Mossberg 930. Is Jerry running one now or is Benny building one?


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I have $800 in one of my Saiga 12's (bought new for $525)and converted it. Works 100%... would work fine for just starting off in Open. Now I also have a couple more S12's with more extensive work done on them.....with Remington Walmart bulk pack they work 100%. Any Tac Optic AR will work fine in Open....just add a bipod for a little bit of a advantage in the long range stages. And you already have the pistol. I say get the S12 and you can add to it as funds become available.

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Saw Jerry shoot one at Ft. Benning. Talked to him between stages, he said it ran faster than a Benelli, and he could not outrun it like he could a Benelli.

My Saiga has a home made conversion. It runs 100%. The key is to make sure it has the correct amount of gas ports, or open up the ones it does have if it won't run bulk pack ammo.

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