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DP Bomar adjustable sight?


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Absolutely, Bruce.

Just give us a call and we'll send one right out to you free of charge.


I just called but I was told I have to send the broken one in and Dawson will send me a new one. I tried to explain that I just need the pin and she said send the broken one..........I took the pin out of my spare sight so no big hurry but I don't think it is worth sending in the old pin...... Edit to add: Do you sell a spare parts kit for the Bomar style adjustable sight like you do for the glock adjustable sights? I would be willing to purchase one if it is available.



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Well, I've received quite an education in the manufacture of our adjustable rear sights for the Bomar cut. :blink:

Yes, the pin is staked in as well as being aligned to a cut-out that is machined into the pin.

It's a bit more involved than just sliding a new pin in and that's why we require the sight be returned to us for warranty work.

I apologize for the misinformation at my first reply in this thread.


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