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2011 Hillbilly Classic - Nov 6, 2011 - $60

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Hello Shooters

The Hillbilly Classic is here… The Hillbilly Classic is here….

Mark your Calendars for Sunday, November 6 to come to CASA and shoot the match, have a great catered lunch and a chance to win a gun. As always we have some cash payback for the top placed shooters. Attached are the forms and stages. This match has been growing every year and if things keep going like they have been, the squads are too big to get it done in a decent amount of time. So we are limiting the match to the first 84 shooters, that’s 12 people a squad. If you are getting yours in later than earlier, call me and I’ll let you know the attendance. When you send in your entry form and Waiver, be sure to list the other shooters you want to squad with, we will try to honor all the requests, but there is no guarantee. It helps if you and your friends send them in together in one large envelope.

CASA is looking forward to seeing everyone again. Pray for nice DRY weather. LOL! Some of you know what I am talking about.

2011 Hillbilly Classic Entry Form.pdf

2011 Hillbilly Classic Stages.pdf

**** There is another thread that someone started, asking if the Hillbilly Classic was cancelled, which it is not. I put this same information on that thread too. *****


Ron Johnston

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CASA = Central Arkansas Shooters Association. The range is located about 30 minutes west of Little Rock, AR off Highway 10 on Higginbotham Road. Its a great match and even though I haven't attended in a few years, I know everyone really enjoys the "Stake Shoot". Thats where they break people into teams of 3 people then 2 teams go head to head and try shoot a landscape timber in half. First team to shoot theirs in half wins....big time fun and you get to hose away until your timber is shot to hell. Winning team gets to split the money pot with CASA...another plus. Not sure they'll have the Stake Shoot this year or not...

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Here are a couple of really good Hotels. Everyone that stayed at these places says they had a nice stay. Both Hotels are as close as you can get to the range unless you pitch a tent. :)

Candlewood Suites West Little Rock

10520 West Markham Street

Little Rock, AR 72205

Tel. 501-975-3800

Fax. 501-975-1500

Springhill Suites Little Rock

306 Markham Center Drive

Little Rock, AR 72205

Tel. 501-978-6000

Fax. 501-978-6010

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gmantwo- There is a state campground to the west of the range. Can't remember the name. It has primitive and RV camping.

Ron- "Bump" moves the topic back to the top of the forum thread. I didn't have anything to say at that point, but I wanted this topic to stay on page 1 of the Match Announcements- Pistol Only forum. More people will see it that way. When I post this comment it will move it back to the top of page 1.

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