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Problem with Super 1050

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Evening all,

I have just converted my Super 1050 back to 40 SW from 9mm, run off 500 rounds and when I boxed them noticed that there were different lengths in the batch. All tools are tight, the machine is working as sweet as ever, just random lengths. Has any one experienced this before ?

The only thing that is slightly off is the cases are slightly over belled, and I had made a note to reset the depth of the powder doser before the next session, but other than all seems fine.

Any ideas appreciated.

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It's possible the reason for the difference is the profile of your bullets. If there is some variation in the profile of the bullet, the seater might be making contact with a different point, or the tip might be shorter.

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What was the variation in COL? Was the difference visible?

Don't sweat +/- 0.005".

+1, +/-.002" is normal on my 1050 during normal loading when there's a shell in each station. If the stations are not full and the press isnt loaded evenly that variation jumps to ~+.010/-.002" with .40 moly bullets and ~+.015/-.002" with 9mm major loads (slightly compressed load).

My old Hornady LNL was great with OAL consistency, 9 out of 10 were nominal (even if stations weren't full) and the few variations were +/-.001".

I'm interested in what input others will have. I would love to get my OAL more consistent.

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The case variation was 3-4 mm in some cases (sorry i am metric). However in the end having checked everything else, removing the swage function from station 2 has corrected the problem and also reduced the number on inverted cases and mashed primers. All in all the machine is running sweet again. I have decided not to bother swaging any pistol cases other than 9mm.

Thanks for the advice

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How are you getting inverted cases?

Inverted primers are generally a personal error or the pick-up tube's or primer tube's ID is too large.

If you are using the swager, then you need to use the proper die to press down on the case (otherwise you will be imparting a lot of UP force to the shell plate). I haven't seen any difference with the swage and without, but I am not running the swager on any of my presses currently.

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