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Shooting a steel star


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OK. So I'm at my second match and we have to shoot a five point steel star (plates on the tip of each point, stationary at start but will spin) through a barrel from essentially our knees.

I went through three clips (SS).

Pause and wait for the giggling to subside...

I got some advice yesterday, and now realize that I should have remembered my physics and shot top first.

But I'm throwing it out there. Any other tips on shooting my newest nemesis? I will not let it kick my A$$ again.

Thanks in advance.

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Do a search on "Texas Star". There has been a thread or two on it.


PS: FWIW Shoot all 5 plates before it starts to move!

PPS: Actually, I shoot the highest plate and work my way to the next highest and the next and the next.

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I'll shoot the top and then it will depend on which way it rotates. I will try to get a good look at it before the stage starts. Rarely is the star exactly balanced so I will anticipate a right or left rotation once the top plate comes off. Whichever side is going down is the one I will take second. Then I alternate the sides because done right the star has little chance to start any rotation. Each plate taken tries to reverse the rotation, so each plate stays pretty close to its starting position.

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To start, steal a glance at it before the buzzer. It should be obvious which side has the most plates above the midline. Regardless of what way you ultimately decide to shoot it, starting top down is paramount, unless you want a real challenge. It's also a good idea to watch others shoot it and see if it's going in a uniform direction.

I tend to shoot it "top down", which means alternating side to side on at least the 2nd and 3rd plate. Some folks will shoot one side and wait for the plates to come to them. In either event, you do NOT want to be chasing wildly spinning plates!

If it does go crazy on you, try to spot the moment where the plates come to a stop and then change directions. That's where you want to wait, and that's when you'll get the most pause-- making for the easiest shot. I've seen people let them get out of hand, but with some solid timing, bring them back to a more manageable spin.

It's hard to get practice on these type of props, in their full glory. I have however discovered that shooting any type of plate rack helps you out a ton in these situations. The first time I shot the star, it took 9 rounds. After 6-7 weeks at a falling plate match every Friday night, I shot it 5 for 5 the next time around-- from at least 3 yards further away. (The same can be said for the Polish Plate Rack-- 12 shots the first time, 9 the second.)

Most importantly, you absolutely cannot let it get into your head. If you're nervous or intimidated, it's going to have a negative impact on your performance most of the time. Try to look at it like a fun challenge. It as, after all, a really cool prop!

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I was playing around the other day.


My link

Classic. Wish I had 1 to practice on-- much less 3!

The way you shot it the first time is how I've been doing it, although sometimes I just clear the last 2 across from whatever side I shot the 3rd plate from. Depends on what the star is doing.

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Before you.start clear your mind and relax. It's only a plate Target. Practice shooting the top plate, you can pause for a second and watch how the system reacts, it will shift a little. Next take a shot at the left or right plate then transition across to the other plate at the same location on the opposite side, relax, you now only have to more plates, take them out. Remember not to get fustrated and do not Chase the plates.

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If you had your own, you would learn to hate the _______ thing in a week or so too!

Shot head, arms, feet, be quick, don't miss, CUSSSSS a LOT. LOL


Haha, I can definitely understand what you mean. "I own the stupid thing now, I'd better be able to clear it easily every time!"

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Just about the time you get yur noggin wrapped around a Texas Star, they'll get a Polish Plate Rack. Oh, the humanity. I think ammunition component manufacturers invented them both.

The last time I shot either prop at a match-- I shot both.

At least they were on two different stages. And I owned 'em.

I find the Star a lot more challenging, personally. The PPR really doesn't move much unless you manage the let the weights drop off-- or some sicko starts it off spinning, which I believe I've heard of in the past.

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I did the same thing first time i shot the star. i was the first shooter on the course and i had no idea the thing was even going to spin. shot the bottom plate off and just started laffing at it because it was spinning so much.

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top to bottom is the way to shoot it, but if they have a no-shoot plate or hardcover in front of the star then things get interesting.

Yes, the ole "no-shoot" plate.... check out the pic... I encountered this at the Oklahoma Sectional in 2006 :-o This setup will change your normal Texas Star strategy :)

I need to get a u-tube account setup so I can upload some of my shooting videos (huge .mov files)... I have a good clip of me mowing the two stars down in the attached photo with only two extra shots :)

-edited to add another pic showing the narrow view the shooter had to tackle the back to back stars...




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