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please critique this stage


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First shooter is billy - master level open shooter - won the stage with 158/180 points and a time of 22.18
2nd shooter is me - b level singlestack shooter - 23rd out of 81 shooters overall 164/180 points - hit a no shoot and a time of 33.41

I think i was slow acquiring the sights when shooting one handed, i need to seat the mags more FIRMLY and probably plant myself lower more and lean out for barricades like billy does.

any other suggestions for improvement?
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Why shoot that one-handed at all?

We're not there, never get a peek at the target position, but even being a lefty, I'd still try to bend near 90* at the waist with a wide stance and take those with both hands. (similar to your own comments about the M Open shooter).

Reloads. Reloads. Reloads. Practice pounding them out while moving out of a box, over and over. At the range, in your garage or living room with a dry gun, whatever. If you can kill the load in one step in SS, it's a huge difference.

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You want a free tip to reduce some stage time? RUN when you have to run. Look at the difference in aggressiveness in running between shooting positions between you and the M Class shooter. The Master class shooter is hauling ass between shooting positions. You are not. Digging in and running like your life depended on it is free stage time to capture. I am a fat ass and don't enjoy running, but after the buzzer goes off and I have to run from point A to point B, I give it all I got knowing that its well worth the effort in saved stage time. Any time you are not shooting is pure wasted time. Reduce the wasted time by hauling ass when you have to.

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